Our goal is to create the most amazing koa wood infused accessories using sustainably harvested "curly" grained Koa wood from the Big Island of Hawaii.  Koa only grows in Hawaii and was once reserved for royalty.  It was used for the first surfboards, warrior's weapons and the outrigger sailing canoes that explored the Pacific.  It's a cultural anchor and it's that sense of exploration that we want to instill in our designs. Pono Woodworks is a design and woodworking studio based in Honolulu, HI.  

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We don't like to "toot our own horn"...but we've bent over backward to make it easy for you. We make a bunch and send them to our shipping peeps in Florida. They get it out next business day for the win!

chrome Element bronze bezel koa wood watch on black background
couple holding hands showing koa wood ring and diamond head in the background

Don't take our word for it...4.9 on 2500 Reviews


Wood is the traditional gift for the 5th Wedding Anniversary, but plywood or a 2 x 4 didn't seem very romantic. Then, I saw the Koa Cuff Bracelet.....Wow! It sure beats a gift certificate at Home Depot! ...


Dallas, Texas


Love this watch and the company's integrity. Got a completely hassle-free replacement when first watch didn't work. The wood (on both) truly "shimmers" and feels smooth and light. No hesitations: buy local and support Pono Woodworks...

Henry L.

Cambridge, MA


Bought the phone case after buying a solid koa wood watch on Maui that I absolutely love! We are now buying more phone cases as gifts for our family, The quality is amazing and so is the customer service. You will not regret buying...


Leesburg, VA


Amazing wallets and knives- the products are so well made and really feel like one of a kind. The customer service was like nothing I’ve seen in the last decade. Very personal and responsive. Can’t thank you enough for a great buying experience! And I loved the box the items came in. Super cool!

Danielle C.

Hamburg, NY