Product Exchange or Return

Sorry for the trouble and not a problem on the swap...I'll make it as painless as possible. CLICK HERE for the "Replacement" page

No worries...we will send the new item along with a return label for the old one... so you can re-use the packaging and drop it back in the mail...easy peasy. CLICK HERE for the "Sizing Exchange" page

Bummers…Artistical woodworking perfection isn't for everyone. Not a problem on the return...  Click HERE to send me an email.

No need for a lengthy email...just put "return" on the first line, then your order number and items you'd like to return.

I'll email a return label so you can drop it back in the mail.

ugg...perhaps we were rushing the orders to catch the bad. CLICK HERE for the "Wrong Item Sent Exchange" page.

Put in the order notes your original order number and the item you need. We will send the new one along with a return label.

I'll do my best...problem w/ Florida being ahead of Hawaiian time is that it usually goes out before I can get it changed.

If you've received a "item shipped" email, then it's too late and we will have to do an exchange. CLICK HERE for "wrong item exchange page"

If you haven't seen an "item shipped" email from us (check your junk folder), email me by clicking HERE and I'll do my best to get it swapped. Let me know the order number and what you need instead.

Shipping Issues

I've noticed that very occasionally, the "delivery" alert goes out a little early. Usually the package will show up later that day or the next. If it doesnt, do me a favor and leave a note for the mailman about the package (include the tracking number). It's amazing what they can find.

If that doesnt work, email me HERE, and let me know...I'll get out a new one for you.

Please remember, I have no control over USPS...once it leaves our hands, it's up to them. Honestly, they do a pretty good job and we rarely have a problem.

haha...I'm high makamaka. Well, not exactly but I do have a group that helps me ship everything out of Florida. It helps me get in the shop more and get's orders in your hands quicker. Unless your ordering from Hawaii...then it's just straight silliness. Some items, I make to order and those leave from Honolulu without the middle-man. Hope that clears it up...

I get it...I wait until the last minute as well. If you already ordered, you should have gotten an email w/ the tracking on it...if you don't see it, check your junk mail...our emails are pretty funny.

I have a group in Florida that helps me ship most everything (except Samsung phone cases and whatever else they ran out of). They work Monday-Friday so if you place an order late Friday Florida time, it might sit till Monday.

From there, regular mail usually takes 3-5 days and priority takes 2-3 days. Keep in mind, we do everything we can to get things out quickly but once it leaves our hands, we have zero control.

If the shipment is stalled in Florida, it probably means that it didn't ship before the weekend or a holiday. The group that helps me ship everything works Mon-Fri...Florida time.

If it's stalled in Honolulu, that means I'm making it in the shop and trying to get it out the door.

On occasion, packages do go missing when dropped off at's rare but happens. I've also seen packages get lost at distribution hubs within USPS and sit at a location forever...usually during Christmas rush.

If you feel it's stalled too long, email me HERE. I can send a new one and a return label for when the other one finally shows up.

Please include "order lost/slow" along with your order number and an explanation of what's going on

Order Issues

Most often, its the credit card zip code not matching up with what's on your "billing address" with the credit card.

If the zip is not in question, try ordering from a different device or browser. I'm not sure why or what setup the customer was running, but I've had a few that couldn't order on the website and switching devices worked.

I can only customize a few of our items...mainly phone cases and wallets. My lasers only work on wood but any local trophy shop can engrave the watch backs or jewelry.

If you'd like a custom phone or wallet, you would need to provide a jpeg design and it needs to be black and white (no grayscale). Basically, it should look like the existing designs. Send me an email w/ the design to

A custom design will run you an additional 10usd...CLICK HEREfor the custom product page.

Watches, Link Bracelets, Watch Bands

If your watch is not ticking, make sure the plastic spacer between the crown and the body is removed and the crown is pushed in. Sometimes a little piece of the plastic spacer breaks off and keeps the crown from pushing down.

If that's not the issue, and you've had your watch less than a year, CLICK HERE for the "replacement" page. If you've had it longer than a year, replacing the battery is pretty simple. Any watch repair shop should be able to do it.

If your moon phase doesnt work, keep in mind that it rotates on a 29.5 day cycle to match the moon phases.

If your having trouble with the moon phase or date, remember to pull the crown out halfway and then turn might take a few turns, but the complication should start to spin.

If you're still having problems...CLICK HERE for the "replacement page"

Bummers...Did it die within the 1st year you had it? CLICK HERE for watch replacement.

If you've had it longer than a year, replacing the battery is pretty simple. Any watch repair shop should be able to do it or you can do it yourself with a watch-back remover tool.

The battery type is in the "size guide" link below the product description on its product page. Hope that helps.

Any jeweler can help you with this but it's easy to do yourself as well. A "link removal tool" helps immensely. I have them available HERE.

The wood links have an arrow on the back, the pin's push out in that direction. CLICK HERE for a quick video how to.

The link bracelets are similar but have a sleeve that the pin pushes into as well. Same concept and the tool will work.

The metal watch bracelets use the same concept but the pin can be pushed out in either direction..

Occasionally the clasp doesn't click in as well as it should. I'll send a new one along with the tool to swap it. It's easy to do and CLICK HERE for the how-to video.

CLICK HERE for the "band replacement" page. Make sure to use the drop down to let us know what color and style of watch you have.

Still Want to Talk Story...Hit Me Up!

CLICK HERE to go to the contact page. I no longer put my phone number out there as I can never get anything done if I answer the phone.