Koa Wood Watch Collection

Koa Wood Watch Collection


Our Koa wood watch designs pull inspiration from the Hawaiian Islands we call home to create mo'olelo or story.  Our unique designs showcase the finest “curly” grained Koa protected in a watch with equally high end materials.  Unlike the “big” watchmakers, we only make a few hundred of each design…you’re not likely to see another one out in the wild.  Click on a watch to learn about it's design or scroll down and look by collection.
...it's Hawaiian Time, Redefined. 

Need Proof They are Awesome? 4.8 Stars Overall...Solid Brah!


Such a beautiful watch!

This watch is simply stunning. The size is perfect, and it never looks out of place whether I am in a suit at work or a casual dress on a Sunday afternoon.

Natalie Estrada

Haverhill, US


I got this watch as an engagement present for my fiancé and he absolutely loves it. He won't stop talking about how much he adores it, makes me nervous he might...

Charlotte Motley

Meridian, US


Simply beautiful

My husband’s eyes lit up when he opened the package, and he’s a hard to impress guy!! Every detail is well thought out, from the packaging to the finishes. Brett is easy to work with and I would love to purchase other koa pieces in the future!

Sarah Pommerenk

‘Aiea, US


A stunning watch I got this for my wife as a five year anniversary gift (bc of the wood). She is in love with it.

Chad Coulter

Dallas, US


Each watch design was inked out on my desk and incorporates details that bring us back to the islands...even if only in our daydreams. The ancient Hawaiians used Koa wood to make surfboards and the outrigger canoes that sailed the Pacific.  It's that sense of adventure that I try to instill when drawing my designs.

chrome Element bronze bezel koa wood watch on black background
waterproof wood watch with stainless body closeup on mans wrist as he works the winch and lines of a sailboat