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The Hawaiian Koa Wood Story

We are truly fortunate to be able to use the most rare and amazing Hawaiian Koa wood from the Big Island of Hawaii.  We scour the island to find the best “curly” grained Koa, which is the most beautiful and rare. As with most things in Hawaii, it's who you know and we are able to get our hands on some amazing logs of wood.  We waited for over a year to find our current log that is lending it's magic to our products.

The "curly" grain creates “tiger-stripe” patterns in the wood that reflect the light at different angles and causes the grain to look like it moves when the item is moved in the light. In other woods, the grain pattern can be called fiddle-back or or tiger grain but Koa is typically called "curly"...i suppose it would need to be called ukulele-back as we don't have too many fiddles out here.

Koa is protected due to its cultural significance and rarity so we use Koa that comes from dead or dying trees on private land. The rancher's love it as it's an additional source of income and given the skyrocketing costs of Koa, it's certainly more than beer money.

Koa has long been the cultural anchor of Hawaii.  In the old days, Koa was reserved for Hawaiian Royalty and was used to make the first surfboards, outrigger canoes, and Hawaiian weaponry to name a few. Essentially, Koa was at the historical heart of everything that we love about this amazing place called Hawaii.  The lineage back to the ancient waterman and Hawaiian wayfinders is what intrigued me.  It's my hope that the wood imparts that sense of adventure and exploration into my designs.


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