Fissure 8 womens silver showing details of face, koa wood, abalone, hollow minute markers and light blue leather band
back of silver fissure 8 women's koa watch showing window to movement
closeup of buckle and light blue Italian leather band
Fissure 8 Auto Women's Koa and Abalone Watch in Chrome

Fissure 8 Auto Women's Koa and Abalone Watch in Chrome

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The Fissure 8 Koa Wood watch was inspired by Pele's awesome display of power in the recent eruption on the Big Island.  There's a great dichotomy between the complete devastation fissure 8 unleashed and the beauty and power of land being created before your eyes.  The first hand experience is not something you can easily wrap your mind around nor soon forget.   

  • Hawaiian "curly" grained Koa and Abalone Face (hand finished in our shop)
  • 34mm watch, 12.5mm tall, 12mm Italian Leather Band
  • Stainless body, Sapphire Crystal, Miyota Automatic Movement
  • 2 Year Full NO-HASSLE Warranty... no worries, you're covered
  • Limited Edition of 100 watches
  • 10 atm
  • Free and Fast Shipping...Free and Easy Returns/ Exchanges

For those who don't geek out on watches, the automatic movement is powered by your movement and has no battery...just the pure amazingness of springs, gears and tiny mechanical perfection.


      Inspired by Pele's awesome spectacle, the Fissure 8 Automatic draws the inspiration of its shape from the crater created around the eruption. A raised lip and eased slope into the cauldron (watch face) are inspired from my drawings watching the fissure 8 eruption. The watch face stylistically represents the relationship between the land, ocean and lava flow...the cycle of life and creation in Hawaii.


      When watching the eruption in Hawaii, you get the feeling you're peeking into the interworking of the universe...or at least our corner of it. The sprouting of land from the ocean, the greening of the lava flows over centuries, the drama and force of the eruption, all reinforce the interplay between the elements. The abalone, koa wood and lava colored minute hands symbolically bring together the elements.

      For me, the design is a reminder of how quickly our time passes by comparison...giddy up, get after it, and get to the fun stuff before time runs out.

      front and back view women's koa and abalone watch on one banner floating above shadows


      Koa only grows in the Hawaiian islands and we use only the most rare and beautiful "curly" grained Koa. It gives an iradescnese and movement to the wood. We hand finish all the wood in our small shop in Honolulu which ensures the face becomes the crowning jewel.

      view of all horizontal sides of watch on one banner


      Sizing...The women's Fissure 8 has a 34mm case. This fits most everyone's wrists without looking too big or too small...certainly the most versatile of watch sizes.

      red wax seal with satisfaction guaranteed, risk free


      No Worries!! We wouldn't leave you hanging. We're way too small to have angry customers. If something's not quite right...we'll make it right on our dime...whether you want to replace or return.


      We design our wood watches and hand finish the Koa wood in our small shop in Honolulu.  We've focused on small batch production so we can guarantee the best quality while providing a wood watch that is truly unique and rare.  We use only the most amazing "curly" grained Koa from the Big Island...the most rare, beautiful, and expensive.  We encase our Koa in an equally worthy case using a stainless body, sapphire crystal, Japanese automatic movement.

      closeup of watch with caption, important stuff should go here but you're too busy staring
      womens koa wood and blue abalone face watch black background

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 7 reviews
      Dr. Crimi (Sacramento, US)
      Love it

      Beautiful wife loves it! 🙏🏽

      Cathleen Hutchins (Honolulu, US)
      Fissure 8 auto women's watch

      This watch is gorgeous, I've been wearing it every day.

      Karolyn Gontarek (Brentwood, US)
      Beautiful Watch!

      I received this beautiful Koa and abalone watch for my birthday. Not only is it beautiful to look at but it is also fun to watch the tiny gears and my movement power the watch. Truly beautiful; I am thrilled.

      Chad Coulter (Dallas, US)

      A stunning watch I got this for my wife as a five year anniversary gift (bc of the wood). She is in love with it.

      Maddy (Honolulu, US)
      Unique beauty

      I get so many compliments on this watch. It is truly beautiful and unique.
      Love the visible movement on the back!