5 Year Wood Anniversary Gift, We've got you covered

Ahhh...the 5 year anniversary...there's been ups and downs but you've already made it farther than a lot of folks. That's something to celebrate indeed.  You're not bragging, you know it's just the beginning of this adventure together and like the symbolism of our hand selected Koa Wood, you're ready for the journey ahead.

The five year anniversary is considered the wood anniversary and (although we didn't know it at the time), we've designed all sorts of accessories that are perfect gifts for your 5th anniversary.  To help make the wood anniversary gift easy, we've gathered the most popular items according to our customers.  

Running short on time (cause you waited till the last minute)...we get it, you've got a life.  I've got a stash of inventory in Reno where everything ships...this cuts down on time by a few days from Honolulu.

If you're not familiar with Koa Wood, Koa only grows in Hawaii and was once reserved for Hawaiian Royalty.  It made the first outrigger canoes, surfboards, and adorns the palace walls.  It's a culturally significant part of the Hawaiian islands and weaves its way through its history.

Whether our creations remind you of your time in Hawaii together or the promise of a future adventure, we stand behind all our products and guarantee your happiness...well, at least with our product.