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Tungsten Koa Wood Ring (Beveled Edge) (6 & 8mm Wide)

We started the tungsten Koa wood ring trend that is now copied throughout the islands and we still make the best wood rings.  It all comes down to the koa wood.  Sure you can find cheap "koa" rings with questionable wood, but we hand pick and finish our "curly" grained Koa from the Big Island of Hawaii.  Why does this matter? Only the tightest (and therefore most rare and expensive) curly Koa will undulate in the light...the wood looks like it's moving.  Pictures simply can't do it justice. 

  • Hawaiian "curly" Koa wood in a waterproof resin setting
  • Scratchproof Tungsten ring...6x's harder than titanium
  • comfort fit 
  • lifetime warranty
  • easy sizing process...endless exchange until your satisfied with the fit
  • only dead or dying trees need to feel guilty

I created the tungsten and Koa rings out of necessity.  I destroyed a wood and titanium ring that I purchased for my wedding and wanted something that would stand up to my renovation jobs and stay looking brand new.  After months of trial and error, I finally figured out how to bend (try bending a toothpick around your finger) the wood properly and was off and running.

  The Koa tree is truly the king of the Hawaiian woods and has lent itself to create everything that is wonderful about the Hawaiian Islands and its culture.  From the ancient Hawaiian outrigger canoes to the spawning of the first surfboards, Koa deserves its place at the heart of the Hawaiian culture.  Because of its amazing beauty, it adorns the palace walls and is one of the most expensive woods on the planet. Koa literally means "warrior" in the Hawaiian language and has come to symbolize strength, fearlessness, bravery, bold action, and the warrior spirit.

Customer Reviews

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Affordable Koa wood ring

What a great price for a Koa wood ring! It is beautiful. It is very comfortable too. I am definitely happy with it. I would order a replacement in a heartbeat if I ever lost it!

A Unique Koa Wood Ring

When I got married earlier this year I knew I didn't want a traditional gold band. So I started to research all the alternatives. There are a lot of cool rings out there, more than I realized! But when I saw this ring I knew it was the right one! I'm so happy with it.


It's a comfortable fit, looks great, I haven't had it long enough to determine its' durability, but I'm not worried either way because of the lifetime guarantee. They should be charging way more for these rings.

Gift for my Husband!

Koa Tungsten Ring I ordered was beautiful! Koa is my favorite wood and the grain of this ring was right on awesome! So happy with the craftsmanship. I was having problems at first with the ordering, but I got great customer service by email and text. Mahalo!

An amazing Koa wood ring

This ring is so beautiful. The wood is stunning, the pictures don't do it justice! It feels great on my finger too. I love the weight of the tungsten. I would definitely order again if I lost it!

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