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Eternity Koa and Abalone Pendant in Silver

The Eternity Koa and Abalone Pendent is the perfect combination of the natural  elements of nature from Mauka to Makai...the entanglement of water and land and a representation of the eternal connection wrapped in a beautifully protected stainless pendant.   

The shape of the pendant is an artfully stylized infinity design that accentuates the elements and expresses your commitment.  Our pendant makes a thoughtful gift and comes in a gift box for a great presentation...he'll surely be pleased.

 - Big Island Koa and Abalone inlays

- Infinity based design

-24" 2.5mm thick stainless steel chains

The pendant is available in a 24" band that is 2.5mm thick stainless steel.  A great size presents below the collar...not that you wear one of course...but it's good to know it will display prominently on your chest, not choke your neck..

Customer Reviews

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JAN BROWN (McDowell, US)

As a craft piece I think it rates first class. As an ART piece, I am disappointed. The brown spot on the abalone destroys the illusion of a cat tail rising above a pool of water -- for me, at least. I loved the purity/simplicity of the image and was really sad when I received my pendant. If I buy another one, can you promise me a clear, even brown cattail and a pure green and blue abalone splash of stem and water supporting it? I'm open to a conversation about this potentially lovely art piece . . . Jan Brown

Aloha Jan,

Thanks for the note and we can surely get you one you're happy with. I'm not sure I follow the cat imagery but that's the beauty of art. I'll shoot you a pic to make sure

Keith (Lakeland, US)
Great products!

Bought the bracelet and necklace for my wife and we couldn't be happier! We honeymooned in Hawaii in 2001 and fell in love with everything Hawaii so these just reminded us of the island. Highly recommended.

John Miller
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Wife now has bracelet and pendant.