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The Sherpa Koa Wood Wallet w/ Money Pouch (Wave Design)

Sometimes you love the prototype so much, you just have to get it up online for everyone to enjoy.  I've been working on this type of wallet for over a year and absolutely love this final's time to release it into the world. For now, I've only got about 5 of each design ready to ship so act accordingly ... it's so new, I haven't even gotten the packaging printed up yet so it will come in a plain black box.  

When roaming the islands, we like to travel light.  Preferably board shorts, slippers and that's about it...less than that and we tend to get the stink-eye. I digress. Unfortunately, the need has arisen for something to carry the mounds of cards and cash required to navigate this modern jungle. Born out of necessity, our Sherpa wallets carry everything you could need with the minimal esthetic we love.  

- Slide button pops cards out for easy access

- Aluminum hard case accommodate 1-6 cards

- Elastic pocket securely holds cash and small items

- RFID blocking for the ultimate in protection

- Legendary Big Island Koa...only the best

- Hand finished, laser cut and assembled in our Shop in Honolulu, HI

If you've never used a small wallet like this, it allows you to conveneintly carry in the front pocket which is much less likely to be picked.  Oh, did we mention...the most amazing curly grain Koa wood from the Big Island?...hand made in Honolulu?


An elegant solution...Everything in its place and a place for everything.  If it doesn't fit, you probably don't need it. The slide button on the bottom pops up your cards making them easy to access. Rigid space to protect 6 cards...elastic pocket for cash and the necessities.

Party in the front, business in the get the idea


A ton of work goes into getting you the perfect's the rundown...I hand pick every piece of Koa for amazing grain patterns which I then hand sand, finish with water-based poly, laser cut, sip a beer, etch a design, apply ink and assemble. Like I said, pretty much ridiculousness...but it makes a super unique wallet.

Options, Options, We've got Options...

We laser engrave and cut our hand finished Koa wood inserts at our small shop in Honolulu. Someday we'll move out of the basement and raise the price, but my wife hasn't kicked me out yet.

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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Juliana Fisher (Phoenix, US)

My husband already owned a minimalist wallet but we found the Pono versions in a shop while we were in Kauai recently. At the time, he insisted it was too frivolous a purchase but that night I went online and searched and found the Pono Woodworks website and immediately ordered him one. He was SO excited when it came! The little push button at the bottom that pushes out the cards is so much more user friendly than his previous minimalist wallet that caused him to lose his credit card all the time. He whips his new wallet out constantly to show everyone we meet. He now has his eye on some of the other items Pono sells.

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