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The Flip Side (SOLD OUT...)- Koa Wood Wallet

The perfect balance of show and go...The Flip-Side Koa wood wallet brings a lever action to the table.  Flip the lever and your cards neatly display by fanning out the side making it easy to get to the middle cards.  Made of fancy composite materials usually found in high end armaments, this is a little marvel of engineering.

- Card chamber holds 5 cards

- Koa and opposing black aluminum (w/ money clip) sides

-RFID blocking for the ultimate in protection

When roaming the islands, we like to travel light.  Preferably board shorts, slippers and that's about it...less than that and we tend to get the stink-eye. I digress. Unfortunately, the need has arisen for something to carry the mounds of cards and cash required to navigate this modern jungle. Born out of necessity, our wallets carry everything you could need with the minimal esthetic we love.  

If you've never used a small wallet like this, it allows you to conveneintly carry in the front pocket which is much less likely to be picked.  Oh, did we mention...the most amazing curly grain Koa wood from the Big Island?...hand made in Honolulu? #yourwelcome

elegantly slim with a mechanical twist

Our Koa Flip Side Wallet is super light weight and thin even with its unique lever activated card dispenser.   As you can see, a boss amount of cash fits in the clip. The composite material makes up the body allowing the cards to click firmly in place and fan out when you jack the lever.


A ton of work goes into getting you the perfect's the rundown...I hand pick every piece of Koa for amazing grain patterns which I then hand sand, finish with water-based poly, laser cut, sip a beer, etch a design, apply ink and assemble. Like I said, pretty much ridiculousness...but it makes a super unique wallet.

Customer Reviews

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Dennis Smith (Detroit, US)
Great interactions!!

I am a huge fan of the wood look and feel used in your wallets. The only thing better is the customer service to put the right product in the customers hands. The flip side wallet was not for me, I didn’t think it would hold up to the Dailey grind with three kids and always on the move for work. However, I worked with the company and they sent me the vault and the original money clip to test them both out. The original money clip is fantastic and a keeper. Keep up the good work and keep those torches burning!!

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