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Redwood Wood Money Clip (SOLD OUT!!!)

You just missed them....we'll get some more clips in shortly so we can make more.


Born out of necessity, our slim wallets carry everything you could need with the minimal esthetic we love.  A cashless carefree world would be great but until retinal scanners and big brother make the wallet obsolete, our Pono wallet will carry the bajillion id's, membership cards, and of course cash (well one or two dollars in my case) with ease.  

While technically more a money clip, we call it a slim wallet because we carry far more than the competitor's few items.  The ingenious design of the slide out sides allow it to open wide for all the items in your wallet. 

The Redwood money clip also allows you to conveneintly carry in the front pocket which is far safer and less likely to be picked.  Oh, did we mention...the most amazing burl grain Redwood from California? #yourwelcome

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