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Tungsten Holy Land Olive Wood Ring (6 & 8mm Wide)

Holy land olive wood rings from Jerusalem

We started the tungsten and wood ring trend and still make the best wood rings.  It all comes down to the wood.  Our Holy land olive wood rings are created from pruned branches from old growth groves outside of Jerusalem.  These groves have been maintained long before biblical times.  I can't think of a single artifact that can be traced back to the holy land with as much meaning and power as the offering of the olive branch.  A beautiful reminder of your faith and the peace and goodwill of God.

  • Jerusalem's holy land Olive wood inlayed in a waterproof resin setting
  • Scratchproof Tungsten ring...6x's harder than titanium
  • comfort fit 
  • lifetime warranty
  • easy sizing process...endless exchange until your satisfied with the fit
  • only pruned branches need to feel guilty

I created the tungsten wood rings out of necessity.  I destroyed a wood and titanium ring that I purchased for my wedding and wanted something that would stand up to my renovation jobs and stay looking brand new.  After months of trial and error, I finally figured out how to bend the wood properly and was off and running.

  The Olive tree has long been a symbol of peace and goodwill.  It's no accident that the branch the dove carried back to Noah was an olive branch.  The olive tree weaves it's way through religious history and is an amazing daily reminder of your faith.  
Holy Land Olive wood collection [center]

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