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Koa Wood Surfboard

you know what's better than surfing?  Nothing.  But riding waves on a Koa surfboard does up the awesome factor.

So I've had many favorite projects through the years but I think this one steals the show.  I love the nod to the original ancient Hawaiian Koa boards (Alaia) all while using high tech modern materials.  I created two of that I'm surfing and one for a worthy home (already sold, but we'll make more)  We start with a standard foam core but then things get a bit more complicated.  We wrap the board in carbon fiber to give it extra strength and lay up a thick slice of some amazing bookmatched curly Koa from the Big Island.  After a meticulous glass job, the Koa really pops and is complimented by the depth and shimmer of the carbon fiber.  This board was made for the waves but I also knew that it would likely spend some time as a wall hanger so we used removable fins (so it could sit closer to the wall) and an FCS plug in the nose so we can attach a custom hook for a wall installation.

The design shown is a classic retro fish that is shaped for a bigger surfer (like myself).  It's setup as a quad fin to provide enough stability while still being manueverable.  It's 6' tall, 23" wide, 3" thick.  We can customize the shape and size for you...just let us know. Shipping should cost around $100 but I can get you a reasonable quote from Fedex.

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